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25% of the marketers have no idea about their conversion rates - Business Insider

Small Business Website Problems

We analyzed 30,000+ small business websites. 

We identified 4 common problems:

1. Lack of Trust

Most sites fail to build faith with visitors. Having trust, credibility and authority in your space is vital to gain new customers.

Marketers use “social proof” to establish trust and build credibility.

2. Poor Conversion

Most sites are not optimized for turning visitors into customers. They lack specific elements to capture those visitors into leads, customers or clients.

3. Low Engagement 

Whenever someone walks into an office or store, someone asks, “Hi, how can I help you?"

Your site should do the same. Visitors lacking engagement is one of the biggest reason why they don't convert into a lead.

4. Flawed Existing Solutions

There were two options available to SMBs:

Website Work:

Expensive & time-consuming. Return on investment is tough to quantify

Multiple Software Tools:

Overly complicated.
Includes features not designed for SMB’s
*Neither solutions are optimized or ideal for small businesses 

Our Solution

Introducing Digital Alchemy from Popmetrics

A white glove conversion package designed for SMBs that works 24/7 with 3 core features

1. Social Proof

Build credibility the second someone visits your site with social proof overlays
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2. Auto Chat

Automatically chat with visitors to build interest, answer their questions, and take bookings
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3. Capture Tech

Automatically convert visitors into customers at the right moment
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How Social Proof Works

We help show your business in the best possible light with social proof notifications.

And you don’t have to worry about an expensive website redesign. Your wallet will thank you later.
Digital Alchemy will continually update with new captivating information to help build credibility with site visitors
Build credibility by highlighting your Yelp score, showoff that recent review or brag about that business milestone you just made. 

“For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them” - Econsultancy

How Capture Tech Works

Tracking: We track your visitor’s behavior so we can capture their information at the right moment.
Interface:  A simple design optimized to get users to input their information.
Lead Collection:  Offer a special promotion, coupon code, or free trial. Visitors can schedule an appointment, input their email or phone number.
Booking:  Completely integrated with your existing calendar system so you can easily set up a time to chat.

92% of customers feel satisfied when they use web chat”  -

How Auto Chat Works

A chat integration so you can welcome every visitor to your website. Integrated with your existing Facebook page so you can respond from your desktop or from your phone while on the go

Chatbot Upgrade (Coming Soon)

Use automated conversations book appointments 24/7

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The white glove conversion package designed for SMBs that works 24/7 

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